A Bad at Games Father’s Day Special: Part 1.

The games industry is currently in the throes of what some have called the “Dadification of Games.” For those of us with complicated father situations, the veneration of the Dad Who Would Do Anything To Protect His Child (Usually A Daughter) narrative can be super frustrating. So, this month, I’ll be posting four short comics about my favorite dad games—none of which feature a Dad Risking Everything To Save His Daughter. I promise.

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As many of you saw, Bad-at-Games was featured on Tumblr’s front/explore/recommended pages this weekend!! Which is quite the honor, and means this little comic has a WHOLE BUNCH of new followers. (Statistically speaking, you are probably one of them! Hello and welcome!)

Anyway, while I work on this week’s comic, I wanted to post kind of a roundup of ways to support me and my work, in case you’re curious & can afford to do so. Here goes:

I JUST LAUNCHED a new project on my Etsy, where if you give me $5, I’ll send you a page from one of my 2011-2014 sketchbooks. I also sell loads of originals and the occasional print over there.

Also recently released is the third volume of the feminist gaming zine I edit, It’s Just A Game. Buy it here for $8 and get 32 pages of art, comics, essays, poetry, recipes, AND MORE by me and 19 rad contributors.

Finally, Bad-at-Games itself is fully funded by my Patreon supporters. If you like what you see (and if you want a sheet of these stickers & other “swag”), please consider pledging! As little as $1 per month helps.

Thank you for reading & following & sharing & supporting!!

<3, eliz

The rumors are true! (???) As we speak, I’m in beautiful Toronto, Canada, and tomorrow, I will be at the Bit Bazaar! In case you don’t know, the Bit Bazaar is a games-themed arts & crafts fair that takes place alongside TCAF. Lots of excellent people will be there, and also me.

I’ll be selling Bad-at-Games stickers (above!), Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati die-cut stickers & 1” buttons, and other assorted games-related goodies (like a special purple & sparkly version of the GFI t-shirt??? YEP).

AND AND AND tomorrow at 3pm, I’ll be on a panel about the Game Zine Revolution along with the illustrative Ashley Davis, Mathew Kumar, & Matt Hawkins at Comics vs Games 3.





As you may remember (if your memory goes back that far), last December I announced that I was going to do a Kickstarter campaign for It’s Just A Game, Volume 3. Well, that is no longer the case! At least for now. Here’s what is going on, though. It is very exciting:

It’s Just A Game, Volume 3 is going to be released digitally on Saturday, May 10, to coincide with my appearance at the Bit Bazaar in Toronto. I’ll be promoting it (and maybe even selling it) there despite it not existing (yet) in print.

Then, if there’s a demand for it (and there may not be! there also may be! WHO CAN SAY), I’ll kickstart a print run of Vol. 3 along with a reprint of Vols. 1 & 2. Or maybe this latest volume will make enough to finance a reprint without need for a Kickstarter. A girl can dream.

Between now and Vol. 3’s launch, I’m going to be making a push to remind people that It’s Just A Game Volumes 1 & 2 are still available digitally ($8 for a 2-pack)!! If you haven’t read them yet, you really really should. Lots (26!!) of amazing people contributed, and their work is kind of really great.

So yeah, buy 1 & 2 if you haven’t already, and keep an eye on this space for 3’s impending release.

Oh, and YES the photo above is a preview of my cover art for Volume 3. :)

See you soon,

On Loose Ends: Part 2. Click through for the full comic! Also, sometime between part 1 and now, this thing became a three-parter. So, the ending will be out, er, at some point!! TCAF and whatnot coming up, so it’s gonna be a busy couple of weeks. :3

Oh, and click here to read On Loose Ends: Part 1, in case you missed it!

New Bad-at-Games is community-funded! If you’re interested in helping me keep this thing running, please consider contributing. Thank you!